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 I am Vera,a waxing therapist, passionate about Brazilian hot waxing.


It is simple!



I have started working with waxing in London, UK since 2010. However, my passion for it, started from a very young age, as most of the women, I started my own waxing routine. Therefore, I have plenty of experience to give you the best service and advice when it comes to Body and Intimate waxing.

Here is a little bit more information of what I do!


A waxing therapist is responsible for the hair removal of their clients; helping them feel confident and comfortable with their own skin. And of course, smooth, so they can be able to bare their legs to the outside world! Nowadays, there is no area of the body that people cannot get waxed. It starts from your eyebrows, to your bikini, right down to unwanted hairy toes! Waxing is a revolutionary practice when it comes to body smoothness, as it is not necessarily a "women only" treatment. Both men and women are regularly visiting their trusted waxing therapist in order to achieve that smooth, hairless feeling.
 The wax type used on each treatment , will depend on which area of the body are being worked on or the client's personal preference.
Waxing treatments are performed by either Strip Wax, which is so called due to the use of fabric or paper strips when removing the hair,this kind of waxing is  usually used for larger areas, such as legs, arms, chest and back or Hot Wax where the wax are being heated at a acceptable temperature before and during the procedure and it is used for sensitive areas of the body.


I am specialized to work with both types, hot wax or strip wax, so you are in very good hands when coming to me for your treatment.



I can't highly recommend Vera. I have been receiving waxing treatments from her for the last 5 years and each time I look forward to the visits. 


“I used to go to really expensive salons in the West End for my beauty treatments.  Then one day I came across Vera's place and I haven’t looked back since.  I go in once every 4 weeks for my neck to toe hair removal regime and it’s inexpensive yet really professionally done.  I’d recommend Vera to anyone.”

I find Vera professional, informative and personable. She instantly put me at ease and answers any questions in a helpful, friendly manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, approachable therapist.



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